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It is a lucky charm that will never lose its magic. Try to get a horse shoe into the house and feel the strong powers of the horse shoe. Paid Horoscope Analysis Dear friends please pay our fee by going to this link and then fill the horoscope form. Facebook Friend Us.

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    • From Horse Shoe remedy to Happy Saturn - AstroVidhi.
    • It has special power and it is extremely beneficial. Take this iron ring on Saturday or any day. Keep it in mustard oil on Saturday.

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      Clean it with water and pure it in evening. It decreases the bad effect of Shani.


      Remedy: Plant bail tree in front of the home and banana tree behind the home. It reduces unfortunate from life.

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      Also read Posted December 26, As an iron horse shoe is worn by a horse similarly an iron nail stays fixed to the boat. Thus both the iron pieces, being in the company of Moon, get cooled.

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      Benefits of Horse Shoe Ring, Ghode ki naal, Power of Horse Shoe ring – Rudraksha Ratna

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