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For holidays that have minor adjustments to their schedule we have things like Read Across America day which takes place on the school day closest to March 2. First Friday of March in the US is employee appreciation day. For fixed observances you have a lot of interesting choices. For the 2nd half of the month you have St. Victorians regarded it as a symbol of truthfulness, the quality of mercy and abiding love. If you look at a Daffodil it has 6 petals. Six is the number of harmony, love and nurturing. Daffodil conveys all these attributes.

The bright yellow hue of the Daffodil speaks of joy and renewal. This flower is fresh and positive. It inspires clear thinking, high principles and faith. The smell relaxed people, allaying anxiety. By the way, Daffodils are sacred to the great Egyptian Goddess Isis. In Numerology the meaning of sacred Number 3 has a child-like aspect to it. While creative and expressive, the visionary nature of 3 Neurologically can be misunderstood.

Numerology Personal Year Forecast: Your Cosmic Destiny

It is like the little girl who sees a whole world in a dandelion. March is a great time to schedule debates, lectures and presentations. The vibrations of three sustain effective communication and social acumen. Three can also bring out a hearty portion of charisma for some folks. The cautions behind the number three begin with procrastination.

All of those amazing insights manifest little until they are put in action. Once in action, 3 can get lost along the way and sometimes needs guidelines and a stern overseer. March can be a very well-rounded and fortunate month so long as discipline remains intact.

Here is how to find your Personal Year number:

Be aware of your rhythms and personal rituals. By so doing you can foster improved relationships and loyalty between friends magically and mundanely. The key here is keeping your feet grounded. Take on the challenge but be ready for all the boons and banes that go with it. Because the sign of Pisces dominates this month, one color scheme is anything associated with the ocean or sea such as blue-green.

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Nonetheless because March is named after Mars, the predominant color correspondence for this month is Red or fiery orange. Overall red is very warm, active, stimulating and tied closely to our passions. It is aligned with the sacred masculine and our overall survival instinct. Symbolically Red represents leadership, drive and resolve. It also boosts confidence particularly for proverbial wallflowers.

Those who find their physical fortitude waning should surround themselves with more red, including clothing and jewelry selections. You are responsible and capable of shouldering the responsibilities of domestic and family life, and you're always striving for balance. This desire for harmony also makes you a giving and caring person, as you always want to make sure the people in your life are taken care of. You may be plagued by a sense of loneliness, which is coupled by a paradoxical desire to work alone.

While you may be emotional, it can also be more difficult for you to express your feelings. This makes it challenging for you to either give or receive physical affection.

Being introspective and stubborn, it can be difficult to maintain permanent relationships, but your interest in doing so will most likely prevail. This number suggests you are very fortunate financially because this number is great for business. You are able to handle large amounts of money and larger scale projects with relative ease, and you have good administrative abilities. You are very goal-oriented and extremely ambitious, but you may have trouble finishing projects you have started. You work well with a group, but that doesn't mean you're going sign up for a cult anytime soon.

You like to maintain your individuality just to keep your edge. You're a bit of a philanthropist in your approach to business, and you make sure you always come to the table with something to offer for whatever you're getting. By nature, you are very independent, but you may have a number of obstacles either physical or mental to overcome in order to become as independent as you'd like. You won't follow conventional rules or methods to get what you want, and you probably suck at taking advice.

You are warm-hearted and constantly seek affection from others, but you also have a tendency to be very moody and to retreat emotionally from other people.

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This makes you prone to depression, and once you fall into a depressed state, it's very difficult to get out. But, when things are going well, you have an unshakeable kind of joy. The key to your happiness lies in gaining more control of your emotions. You make a very good impression on people through the power of your words, and you are a natural communicator.

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You are gifted in any field that involves processing information, either in technology, public speaking, writing or performing. You have a voice that commands attention and a better-than-average ability to voice your opinions and to understand others. You might sometimes employ an unorthodox approach to projects, but you will always get the job done.

Be aware of your lack of attention to details, and be sure to take your time to go over your work. You will most likely spend your life working on projects that are in service to the greater good, and your mistakes are will have large-scale consequences. You are likely to enjoy any work that involves travel and meeting various kinds of people from different cultures. Even if you don't travel for work, you likely have a large group of friends from totally different backgrounds who enrich your understanding of the world and make it a more interesting place for you.

You have a healing touch, and you spread love to everyone around you. Those whose name sums up to number 6 will have all pleasures of life. They will have gradual rise in their life. Money often comes to them without effort, sometimes through their own talents and abilities, sometimes through inheritance or through friends or relatives. Those whose name sums up to 15 will make lot of money through arts. They will have any thing done with the help of their eloquence and attractiveness.

March Zodiac Signs: Pisces & Aries

They will be in diverse business and profession and make a lot of money. It promises the assistance of those with power and it indicates close association with the people of high rank and position. It greatly increases financial success, and the ability to achieve happiness in love. They will begin a business at a small scale and within no time will expand it into huge one.

They are pious persons having abundant wealth. They will excel in medicine and spiritual wisdom. This number promises financial success. But they are warned not to abuse the astounding luck which will descend on them at sometime causing laziness, overconfidence and a feeling of superiority.

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Those persons whose name sums up to number 42 will struggle in youth but will become successful later in life. They will be full of courage, will power and self confidence. They will have any type of illness cured very fast.

This name number is a prosperous number. Great positions will reach them. Similarly all those names that sums up to number 51, 60, 69, 78, 87, 96, , have different characteristics. Birth number 6 is ruled by Venus.