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Self-satisfaction and a sense of power come from personal success and accomplishment. Men are interested in news, weather, sports, objects, gadgets, technology. Men easily become preoccupied with problem solving. We can ask what signs have the reputation for being practical and competent in the material sense?

The tropical Earth signs should come to mind, whose lords are Venus, Mercury and Saturn. Tropical Taurus: stable, consistent, persistent; concentrated energies, at home in the physical world; disinclined to be sociable. Mars is probably the planet that is most comfortable with the physical world; Mars can be very persistent and stubborn when it wants to be.

The concept of male polarity takes care of the lack of motivation to be sociable, and the exalted Sun easily concentrates and consolidates its energies. Tropical Virgo: As sidereal Leo , this sign is very content to involve itself in its chosen work.

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As a sign of male polarity, the quality of creative work is much more important than praise and approval from others. Tropical Capricorn is associated with the father complex. It wants to be effective in whatever it does. Capricorn is related to authority, implementing the rules of society, big business and government. The attributes of this sign belong to sidereal Sagittarius.

The ruler of Sagittarius, Jupiter was the father of the Gods who wrote the rule book for everyone else. As a sign of male polarity, Sagittarius is concerned with measures that can be practically applied in the real world. This sign is also extremely good at mobilizing its energies in the chosen direction to achieve the desired goal. The third sign Libra is the exaltation of Saturn, but is ruled by the feminine Venus.


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Only the sidereal Aries triad is 'all masculine. A man under stress or working on a problem will become very quiet, retreat to his cave and tune out the world. He will focus one-pointedly on his problem until it is solved. Asking someone else for help shows how weak and incompetent he is.

If you offer him advice, he feels humiliated. A man wants to achieve his objectives by himself. But they do sound somewhat like the Tropical earth and water signs, which can be quite uncommunicative and internalized. Tropical Cancer sidereal Gemini can be moody and sensitive; Tropical Scorpio sidereal Libra is called secretive and sometimes anti-social; Tropical Pisces sidereal Aquarius can get lost within itself.

Women are preoccupied with relationships, and like to anticipate the needs of others.

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They enjoy being helped by others and want to help other people themselves. Women are happy when they have people who love them to share their feelings with. If a woman gives advice and suggestions, it shows she cares. Women generally like to nurture relationships, and try to live together in community and cooperation. In general, women enjoy talking.

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A woman under stress tends to get more and more overwhelmed and emotionally distraught. She finds release in talking about her problems with family or friends, and will often ask advice on how she should act. To astrologers this sounds like the Moon and Venus, the two feminine planets. But, if we look at the Tropical zodiac, we find that the sharing, communicative signs are the masculine fire and air signs:. Tropical Gemini is often an avid conversationalist, is curious about the world, sociable and friendly. The Moon and Venus are sociable and friendly. As a sign, Taurus traditionally rules the throat and tongue used in speech.

Tropical Libra is very accommodating and sociable. It can see many sides to a problem or event, and is said to need others to define itself. Tropical Libra overlays sidereal Virgo. Sociability and the ability to accommodate others are traditional feminine traits. As the lord of Virgo, effervescent Mercury is communicative, mutable and many-sided.

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Tropical Aquarius is said to thrive on social interaction, is gregarious, and is prone to identify with a group external to itself. Sidereal Capricorn lies beneath this tropical sign. Here again we have the feminine appreciation of social interaction and the ability to identify with those outside itself.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the democrat and the great leveler. This is a water sign to do with family, the past, and nurturing and it expresses itself through feelings. Now if we take the planet Mars.

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  • If we find it in Aries the flow of energy would be dynamic and uninhibited say for example like an army commander or an athlete or a person with a temper. If we find Mars, however in Cancer, the energy would be more inhibited and would say only surface if a friend or family member was threatened or the energy could manifest in an emotional outburst.

    The ten planets taken together can therefore lie in a vast variety of different zodiac combinations. Given this and taking the link between the planetary positions and peoples characters, one can see one of the main reasons why there would be so many different personalities around. Astrology does not believe personalities are formed solely with the growing process, it believes the fundamental makeup of a person is already there at birth just waiting to be expressed.

    Traditionally the world of matter was thought to only contain four basic elements; fire, air, earth and water. Everything was deemed to be made up of one of these elements. Man would look at nature and see the different elements.

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    He would look up at the sky and see the Sun or witness a forest burning, from this he discerned the element of fire. He would feel the wind on his face and understand the element of air. He would look at a lake or a river or at the rain and see the element of water. He would feel all the physical things such as the trees and soil and plants and would see in them the element of earth.

    He knew instinctively he needed all these elements to survive. Astrology says that also on another level, a psychological level, we have all these elements inside each of us, and that they make up our individual nature. We can get a hint of this with the words we commonly use to describe people; "She's a fiery girl" , "He's a bit wet' , "She's a very grounded woman", "He's a bit of an air head". Astrologically, each of the twelve signs corresponds to one of the four elements.

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    There are therefore three of each element type as described below. A fire sign will give a fiery nature to it's recipient. They will be inspired, have lots of energy and generally there will be a warmth and a passion and a zest for life about them. They will want to get on and do things.

    They may be quick to lose their temper. The nature of people born under these signs will be more focused on the practicalities of manifesting things in the physical world. They will relate to what they can see and touch. They will be more likely to have their feet on the ground and to live in the present moment. An air sign will endow it's recipient with a nature focused on the level of the mind and intellect.