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The last day of year is on Thursday, February 11, The first day of Chinese Zodiac Year is on February 4, The last day of Year is on February 2, The kua number of is 7-Red. Chinese New Year Day is the first lunar day of the first Chinese lunar month. That means the new moon day is the first lunar day. The new moon day could fall to different day in different time zone. Therefore, lunar months have different pattern between China and USA time zones.

Some Chinese calendar applications treat the first half of the leap month as lunar month 4 and the second half of the leap month as lunar month 5. That means May 23, to June 6, is in lunar month 4.

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June 7, to June 20, is in lunar month 5. The first month of the Chinese zodiac year is the Tiger month.

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That starts at the time of the sun enters the th degree on the tropical zodiac. Therefore, this is a solar calendar.

The Tiger month always begins around February 4 each year. Chinese Astrology birth chart is built by the Chinese Zodiac Calendar, not the Chinese lunar calendar. We combine Chinese zodiac months and Chinese lunar Months into Chinese Zodiac-Lunar Months , which contains lunar days in both lunar months and its corresponding zodiac months.

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This will increase the accuracy of Chinese Baby Gender Predictor. The Chinese calendar combines the lunar and solar systems together. The lunar calendar is the cycle of the moon. The solar calendar divides the year into 24 solar segments according to the sun positions on the tropical zodiac Similar to western astrology. Each segment's name was given for ancient Chinese farmers' use. The first month, Tiger month, begins from the Start of Spring segment or when the sun enters the th degree on the tropical zodiac.

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The second month, Rabbit month, begins from the Excited Insects segment or when the sun enters th degree. The beginning of a solar month is called the Section Point.

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The middle point of a solar month is called the Center Point. There are 12 Section Points and 12 Center Points in a year.

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The astrology names of Pisces and Aries apply to these Center Points. India is known for its diversities and religions where we enjoy a lot of festivals. Let it be a Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, or Christian, we celebrate each and every festival with zeal and enthusiasm. But knowing the exact dates of the same becomes troublesome sometimes.

To get rid of it, we have brought Indian Calendar for you to ease out your struggle finding exact dates. AstroSage presents yearly Indian Calendar Get to know about all the main festivals and all the government holidays. Indian National Calendar , also called as Shalivahana Shaka Calendar is broadly used for news broadcasting purposes alongside Gregorian Calendar. After a survey conducted by Calendar Reform Committee during s, it was concluded that around 30 different calendars were being used to set Hindu, Buddhist and Jain festivals.

They found that these calendars were based on similar principles though prepared as per ancient customs and astronomical practices. On the other hand, Islamic calendar was used by Muslims in India along with Indian Government using Gregorian calendar for administrative purposes. Hereby, due to Calendar Reform C. Despite numerous attempts to create a unified platform, there still exists several local variations. Government still uses Gregorian calendar for administrative purposes and holidays are observed as per regional, ethnic and religious beliefs and traditions.

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On an ethical front, astrologers use Panchang or Panchangam Hindu Calendar based on Lunar Calendar to fix the marriage date and provide auspicious muhurat after horoscope matching is done. The Shaka Calendar is based on the luni-solar system as per time, and consists of 12 months and days. The first month in Indian Calendar is Chaitra and the last is Phalguna.

The names of the months as per Shaka Calendar are as follows:. Chaitra 2.

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Vaishakha 3. Jyeshtha 4. Ashadha 5. Shravana 6. Bhadra 7. Ashwin 8. Kartika 9. Agrahayana Pausha Magha The National Calendar is an advanced modification of Indian Solar Calendars still existing in the regions. The principle unit remains the civil day and era is Saka era. It is structured so as to correspond with the Tropical or Sayana year and not traditional Sidereal or Nirayana year. Religious holidays are based on lunisolar calendar which acknowledges specific positions of Moon and Sun.

Majority of festivals and holidays occur on a mentioned lunar tithi date while others on solar tithis. Lunar Calendar is witnessed as the main element when providing predictions in Vedic Astrology or calculating muhurat , festivals and so on, planet Sun has its own significance. A Solar Calendar narrates the apparent position of planet Sun in the universe.

One such example is Gregorian Calendar, which is used internationally and counted as the standard tool. Indian Calendar as per Solar Month is given below which describes the Hindu months and their Gregorian dates. Below dates approximately corresponds with the Gregorian calendar based on the position of Sun.

Indian National Calendar comes under this category. Islamic Hejira Calendar is one such example and a pure lunar calendar. It consists of 12 months, with 2 months covering the time period between two new moons. Each Lunar month is about The need for a unified calendar was voiced by none other than the first prime minister of India, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru.